Harnods (Yogyakarta) – Web Developer


Harnods is a creative web design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Was founded in February 2004.
We are a team of passionate designers and developers focus in create beautiful, functional and efficient web products to suit different industries and markets.
We work with many different types of businesses for small-medium enterprises and multinational companies.

Basic Salary
Medical Insurance
Web developers develop web pages, sites or applications. They listen to user requests and specifications and provide attractive and capable web applications.
Developers guarantee built in features for security, compatibility and integration online.

Knowledge of web development
Ability to utilise SQL technologies
Strong problem solving skills
Familiarity with web development regulations
Be able to meet deadlines
Manage projects
Good organisational skills
Good people skills

Email : ds@harnods.com
Alamat : APL Office Tower Floor 16 Suite 9 Central Park, 11470
Website : http://www.harnods.com

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