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Tentang perushaan :

Mutualplus Global Resources adalah Konsultan Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia yang bergerak di bidang Jasa Rekrutmen,Man Power Supply, dan Jasa Psikotes untuk kepentingan seleksi calon karyawan.

Klien Kami adalah BANK BRI,  BANK BTN, maupun perusahaan lainnya. Pada saat ini kami membutuhkan sumber daya manusia yang dinamis dan energik untuk beberapa posisi:

Quality, Fast and Efficient

We are aware that time constrain has been the first priority to our clients. We work hard to meet the standards established and client’s expectation, to recruit only qualified people. We serve the human resource well to make them working happily with our clients. Position available for the outsourcing service varies from lower level to supervisory level, in the field of administration (front line & support) and sales & marketing. Communication is the key word for our service improvement to clients.

As our long term commitment to the clients, Mutual+ continually improves the infrastructure. In order to extend our service, Mutual+ representative offices are currently spreading in some of major cities across Indonesia. Besides, we keep on developing the Human Resources & Payroll Information System to provide systematic and accurate reports as required by our clients.

Our concept on undertaking the business is to provide an employment for the jobseekers as simple as it is supposed to be, at no charge. We manage the fees we receive from the clients carefully and efficiently, with the intention that all the employees managed are having access to some of our extra benefits such as, personal accident insurance, death benefit, marital / maternity present, emergency loan, sharing on medical excess claim, training, and support on other employee activities such as outing programs.




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